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We are so passionate about making minds Beeautiful.. Winter can be tough.
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Beeautiful MINDS 
welcomes you.

Explore the possibilities of a new tomorrow and a beeautiful mind.


What is Beeautiful Minds?

Hi, I'm Annie and I am the founder and director of Beeautiful minds, a tutoring and therapeutic service working with Women, children, families and schools. As well as this, I also offer support to anyone in the rural community, such as farmers.

Please take a look around the site to see how Beeautiful Minds can help you and your minds feel beeautiful.

Drawing and Talking- What is it?

Therapeutic Intervention

We all deal with trauma, life situations, emotions and personal experiences in different ways. Drawing and Talking is a non invasive therapeutic method of intervention focusing on emotional wellbeing and processing these life experiences, thoughts, and worries without judgement or asking why.

When used as the first step before CBT based interventions, Drawing and Talking, and Sand Play, provides individuals with time to process and come to terms with their internal world, emotions and trauma.

Often, services will recommend behaviour or Cognitive based interventions however, the re-occurring need for these are high because of their cognitive nature which doesn't always allow individuals to process their unconscious thoughts. Drawing and Talking and Sand Play reduces the need for multiple interventions, due to its' gentler nature, and guides individuals onto a better path of recovery. Working through the stages will provide people with forms of resolution, such as improved mood, new successes, lower anxiety and being able to move forward and live more happily in the present.

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