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What are your fees?

£30-£35 for 1:1 sessions

£360 for 12 weeks-Can pay in instalments or upfront via PayPal or BACS

Discounted day rate for organisations for  3+ people

£90-£95 per person for 6 weeks of group work

Discounted day rate for organisations for 6+ people

Is this counselling?

Drawing and Talking and SandPlay is a therapeutic intervention. An ideal first step before trying therapy or CBT related programmes. This can be delivered with or without counselling skills.

Can I book an initial session?

Please feel free to call, email or message to book a free 30 minute consultation to discuss your needs and get to know me.

What is Drawing and Talking?

A non invasive therapeutic intervention used to provide comfort and resolution for individuals who are experiencing mental health difficulties, behaviour related challenges, anxieties, trauma and much more.

We don't ask why here at Beeautiful minds instead, through Drawing and Talking or SandPlay, we use imagery and story telling language to explore feelings and process them.


Will this work for me?

Drawing and Talking and SandPlay welcomes anyone over the age of 5. Both children and adults have benefited.

The nature of Drawing and Talking and SandPlay means everyone can benefit in some way. 

Can I choose the intervention?

Based on our initial consultation an intervention will be recommended to you taking into account your wishes.

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